Individual Activities


in 3 days & 2 nights

Each of the tours and activities can also be booked individually respecting your available time frame.


Day 1 ( Friday)

  • Pick up at Tuapejat Harbour
  • Mangrove garden tour via boat from Tuapejat
  • Snorkeling at Simakakang Island
  • Dinner & overnight stay at Oinan Lodge.


Day 2 ( Saturday)

  • Hiking Trip to Pajujurung Waterfalls.
    Incl. 20 minutes car transfer to Goisok Oinan Village.
  • Mapadegat Village & Riverside stroll

We finish the day with a beautiful sunset on Mapadegat beach.

  • Handcraft exhibition by local artisans.


Day 3 ( Sunday)

  • Trip to the traditional fishing village of Jati  & its stunning beach.
  • Visit of Jati Monkey Garden.
  • Return to Padang.


Rp. 575.000 per day / person

Included : Ac room, 3 meals per day, lunch box & water, transfer in & out from Tuapejat harbour to the Oinan Lodge

The final price for all activities varies with group sices. Please get in touch with us prior to your stay, so we can guarantee you the best available options & prices.



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